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About me 关于我

Hi, everyone, my name is Yumin Gui, and you can call me Eric if you find Yumin is diffcult to pronounce.

I live in San Diego, California currently.

I am a Node.js developer, and my primary words are in the back-end.

My other passions include C, Linux, and Web Scraping, and you can check my github account

I am building some websites, like the JobServer API and this very site.

The primary purpose of this site is to make introductions of all awesome libraries and resources in JavaScript.

Each library or resource would have a special piece of detailed introduction, both in English and Chines. And if you are welcomed to submit translations.

If you like my articles, do recommend them to your friends. Thank you!




目前我的网站包括VPS福利网Awesome Node.jsJobServer API以及这个网站。





Welcome to the Awesome JS website! 欢迎来到Awesome JS网!

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